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Outragous Nave (Shakespaer, Othello)

09/12/2013 10:47

In marriage or any ove relationship, one must compromise to facilitate the learning of each other to coehise different cultures, ethinic norms and values, and most of all join in idea or theory the most deepest of desire and progression to create better in the lives of each other and the children born to this union. We often fail because "the worlds massive vanity consumes" our every motion.  Instead of being sure and reaffirmed by your partner, we a confronted with the thoufhts or actual deeds that ultimately defeat ife and lose the relationship. It is blindly assumed that love relationships can and will endure the daily living process; that of working, child rearing, pressures against ones intergrity and at times, the desire to do better in ones ife with the hope of infuencing all to rise with you, risk and toil early to reap harvest and bounty later. Love, requires work to sustain it.  Sometimes, we find it far easier to discard people and relationships because of this "work".