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09/24/2013 19:06

On "Raising America" with Kiera Phillips on the CNN network, the topic was "Sizzurp". I have no idea what was said, hence, I went in for a closer view.  I recall a song with a line such as, "sippin on some sizzurp", not sure of the performer or writer, but I do know it was in my "hip hop" collabrated library that I heard the lyric.  Today, I found out what it is.  Cough medicine, old prescription medications for ADD, ADHD, anxiety, menstral cramps and even nausea.  Codine, Xyprexa, Valium, Xanax(my favorite), Anaprox, Phenergan (yeap!) just to state a few. this is really a malitof cocktail (spelled incorrectly on purpose). Couple this with other drugs and it is a bomb! There are organizations who have brought this information out to expose the hazards, the complications, the misunderstanding and to provide resources for education.

I miss Uncle Luke (Luther Campbell). His message was clear, "nasty as I wanna be".  The 2 Live Crew made history from the Gunshine State of Florida, Miami all the way to the Supreme Court.  I rank them with Larry Flint owner of Hustler and even Justice Clarence Thomas who put pubic hair on the soda Coke can of Anita Hill. Today, a good bit of our music is tainted in the use of such cocktail drugs as "Molly", "Spice" or "M5gb", which is no different from The Who, The Doors, Lynard Skinard and those alike who tripped the light fantasic with LSD and Heroine.  The difference here is "Molly" and "Spice" are chemically altered concoctions where the molecular rings and bonds are rearranged to just slightly fall below what qualifies as an "illegal drug" by the DEA. When these are altered, the makeup becomes unstable and sometimes volitale.  This tranlates to literal hyperthermia in the body, a response like X or extasy drug produces.  It will provide the desired "high" or euphoric feeling, but will also provide death.  James Dean once said, "you don't know if you are living until you have flirted with death..."This may be true, however, the large number of society "flirting with death" leave in its wake, families, economic destruction, burdened healthcare and a legacy of fuckdom unmatched until the next designed cocktail drug hits the tongue of another person and we begin, again. I was told drug use is a way to escape the reality of ones life. "Sometimes I dont want to feel..." J rock said to me. What are we doing, how can we change this?

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www.stopmedicineabuse.org www.stopmedicineabuse.com www.partnershipforadrugfreeamerica.gov